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SEO Copywriting: The Solution To PPC Advertising

If you're running a business website, you know how important it is to make sure that your site is doing a good job of reaching all those online shoppers who now automatically use Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other major search portals to find the products and services they need.

Most online business owners realize that getting a high placement on these search engines can mean a steady stream of potential new customers. For this reason, they justify spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars every month with pay-per-click advertising - the method used by Google to guarantee front page placement based on keyword searches.

However, these business owners are paying Google every time their business shows up and gets clicked on - sometimes as much as $5 or $6 per click - with no guarantee that the person who clicks on their link will become a customer. That can become very expensive in a very short time. And unfortunately, many shoppers will only click on those 'Sponsored Links' as a last resort, knowing that they will be visiting a site that might be charging higher rates to justify those pay-per-click ads.

SEO - Search Engine Optimized - copywriting insures that the content of your web pages will be search engine friendly, getting a high placement on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN (among others) under the free, or 'organic' listings. It's the smart way to get your business listed on these all-important search engines....and it's a lot more affordable!

3 Free Tips For Optimizing Your Site

Pictures Are NOT Worth A Thousand Words

Keywords are simply the words that tell the mighty search engines what you're site is all about. You might have a website full of spectacular graphics and impressive flash-based presentations, but guess what....the search engines don't care. They care about language. And the better choice of words you have on your site that actually explain what you're site is about, the better chance you'll have of being recognized and ranked appropriately by those internet gateways, Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Words Are Key

So, the first free tip is this: Get those words that explain your site into the content of your site. If you're a plumber, don't just say, "Do you need a good plumber? Then call Joe the Plumber (we'll, maybe not him) at 555-YAD-AYADA". No, what you should do is rewrite your page to say things like, "Joe the Plumber can fix your clogged pipes, broken pipes, sewer back-up", etc. That way, when the Mighty Google sends its creepy crawlers out into the webosphere, they will read the words on your page so that when somebody does a Google search for 'clogged pipes', the brain of Google will remember that your site offers that service and will register your site on its results page for 'clogged pipes'. If you just show a graphic that lists all of your're out of luck with making an 'impression' with Google.

What Kind Of Keywords? Specific And Expressive Keywords!

The second free tip is to think creatively. The easiest way to think creatively when it comes to keywords is to dust off your thesaurus and start boning up on your adjectives. Don't just say on your website that you are a 'plumber for hire'. Use keywords like licensed plumber, or better yet, 'the best licensed plumber on the east side of Chicago' (that is, if you service the east side of Chicago). That will direct the search engines in those geographical areas to post your pages.

Meta Tags, Headers, Backlinks, Oh My!

The final free tip is to think outside of your box. Whatever site you're promoting, you need to be as creative and competitive as possible. You might have a competitor that has a nice website (even though yours is nicer), but have you checked to see if their site has some keywords that you might've missed? And what about your Meta tags? Your Headers, and your Backlinks? If thinking outside of your box gives you a headache, then KITWOO is here to help.

During the month of April, we are offering a discount on our search engine optimization. We normally charge $149 to optimize one web page. Right now, we will offer our services for only $99 for the first page (usually your home page) and only $49 for each additional page. You will not find a better price for the features you will receive!

Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding these SEO services.

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